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Moon in the 8th Phase.

The moon in the 8th phase is the oldest and last phase as it appears as a silver cusp in the sky. It is a time when the veil is thin and intuition is at its highest.  This is a strong feature in my chart,  and an area of interest for me. 

Moon in the 8th phase,        compact mirror.  7cm


Three phases of the Moon,              compact mirror.  7cm


          Moon Ring

Carry the universe on your hand. 

8th phase moon ring. 

Adjustable back.           40mm x 30mm 


 Moon and Stars Necklace

Necklaces are made to 16 inches . 

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Beautiful mother of pearl and abalone shell necklace with Swarovski beads & crystal. 

Six 24ct gold plated beads make this piece of jewellery high quality well designed addition to your jewellery collection. 


Garnet and Swarovski Crystals

Seven Stars Necklace

Seven is  the perfect spiritual number.  Seven mother of pearl stars makeup this beautiful necklace, shouldered by two sparkling Swarovski crystals and 24ct gold plated beads. 

Kathryn Monks workshop.

My top assistant, Stella. 


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