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Have your birth chart analysed by kathryn. You can carry your chart in your pocket or wear as a necklace.


At the time you were born the planets & stars were in alignment, crystalising your position in the cosmos within time and space.


Identify with yourself.

 This chart shows the positions of the Planets & Asteroids. Different coloured crystals represent the different elements of Water, Fire, Earth & Air, surrounded by stars in space.

Placidus house system used.



Helen chose to have a presentation chart, necklace, and natal reading.



Handy handbag size to take to conferences! £65.

Your birth chart is a unique system of heavenly timing by planetary position.

You can see favourable aspects that develop by the turn of the hands that align with  your chart, and watch the progression of time as it advances around your chart.

When you email or ring to order your clock please include the following;


Time, place, DOB, and the Ascendant and Moon degrees plus the house system you prefer.

Better still, email me an image of how you want your chart to look. . 

Any house system or asteroid can be included at no extra cost. 



Handmade Astrological Clock


Approximately 30 cm x 38 cm

White Birth Chart Clock

Beautiful Astrology Clock

£ 120      Includes Uk  postage

£130      Includes International Postage



Black Birth Chart Clock

Unusual gift ideas

£ 120      Includes Uk Postage

  £130  Includes International Postage

Please note that postage is included at £10 for the Uk, and £20 for international addresses. No profit is made on postage