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Birth Star Location   -  An ideal gift.

Monks Astronomy can locate the exact point in space under which you where born, and name the star,       ( usually a number), the distance, (measured in light years) the constellation & any deep space objects of interest. It is truely humbling to realise the vast expanse of space & our relationship to it. 

Produced as a high quality print, you can read the celestial map, with Polaris at the gid centre as a point of navagational reference.


Know where all the planets are, the stars, the Sun & Moon, galaxies.....




Bill       27. 5. 1956

Born under the star HIP 11697 in the constellation of Ursa Major,           456 light years away




All prints are clear and of a high quality.


Print 210mm x 297mm


Framed with mount & glass.


The info is written on the mount, & signed.



Richard Cross

Richard was born January 19th, 1958, 8.35 am.

The next overhead celectial object was 316.66 light years away. 


Galaxy NGC 5908/ HIP 76957 in the Constellation of Draco.


Note the alignment of planets.


Venus, Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars, at the time of artist Richards birth.



Clark & Josie's Wedding Day

 This coulple married on Christmas Eve, 2013, and is a fantasic example of the depth of interest and richness of information that this type of observation can show. 


Clarke & Josie where married under the fabled star Alrakis, (Arrakis) or HIP 83608A . This is an Arabic word for 'Dancer'. This is actually a binary star, or two stars orbiting each other, 'and remain united by the bond of their own mutual gravitation towards each other' (Herschel) A beautiful sentiment for a wedding.


Arrakis was also the fictional setting for the sci-fi book Dune, ( Frank Herbert, 1965). 


C/2012 S1 was a comet that passed by at the time of wedding and exchange of vows. 


All this took place 87.96 light years away, in the Constellation of Draco. 



Christina Coppinger

M76      NGC 651   Little Dumbbell Nebula

Christina was born on an army base in Rintein, Germany, underneath  M76. This is a planetary nebula listed in Messier Objects list as number 76.


It is in the Constellation of Perseus, 2,500 light years away and spans 1.23lys in length 

what star was I born under


Martyn was born under a star catalogued  as HIP 45493, a pulsing variable star 116.90 light years away in the Constellation of Ursa Major. It is indicated by the circular object just above the horizon to the left. You can see The Plough or Big Dipper on the left which points to the North Star. 


This image has a night vision filter effect, which matches the customer's home decor.

This shows the image of Galaxy NGC 5908 in Draco, the top left spiral

Seen as side on, this is very similar to the Sombraro Galaxy in Virgo


(The main image is framed and signed but these smaller images are part of the research process. Should you wish for framed images of galaxies/objects of interest, I would happily provide them at an extra cost, if this is possible. They are a smaller image to keep the resolution  sharp.)     £35

northern hemisphere
what star was I born under

Astronomy Prints

Prints can be produced of space shots done to a high standard. Prints show where stars and planets are at any given time. This can be worked out far into the past or future. Please enlarge your screen to see where planets actually are in relation to each other.


They are also ideal gifts for weddings and christenings when times and dates show your special event's placement within the wider cosmic order; integrating both astrology and astonomy.

Martyn     15.5.1974     3pm

Tina Coppinger 17. 6. 1977   2.20pm  Rintein Germany

When this lady was born the Milky Way was overhead and a swash of stars increased the chances of her being born under an 'object of dep space interest'. 

She was in fact born under a Nebula listed as M76 in the Constellation of Perseus

Richard  Cross   Derby 19th January 1958    7am

Richard  was born under a galaxy 

All prints are mounted and glass framed and names the constellation, star & distance from Earth.

£75.00  postage included.

Please email me with;

Name, date, time and place of birth