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Being privileged to have seen auras (when light conditions have been correct) I know for myself that energy fields exist, the centre of which are called the Chakra points. On this premise I have made these glass orbs of colour to bring cheer or rest or whatever purpose calls. 








It was through practical experience working with glass I first realised the benefits of colour. I had put glass at the window to study colour relationships. When the Sun was at its highest and lowest, tones changed.  The Sun's energy channelled through the glass becomes intensified by different uses. You an use the Chakra Tools by harnessing the light rays of the Sun or as a conduit between the client/therapist to specify a particular chakra. The colour you are drawn to may represent chakras that need work. The glass is clear for steady energy flow. Red is a longer light wave, violet moves quicker.


Electromagnetic waves (or electromagnetic radiation) are waves made of oscillating magnetic and electric fields ( what an aura is). Other energy waves include radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays. 

















Chakra Tools.

13cm x 12cm x 5cm.