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Monks Astrology


Designs brought to you from the universe.

Black Zodiac Clock
Elegant & dazzling zodiac clock. A complicated network of lines make perfect symmetry. Star sign aspects.
astrology birth chart.
A beautiful glittering chart that tells the story of you. Get your chart and discover your story.
Kathryn Monks. Setting up an exhibition
Kathryn Monks. Setting up an exhibition at Blackburn Museum
astrology birth chart.
Exquisite astrology clock. The inclusion of the Royal Stars of Persia, and asteroids make this clock a unique piece of astro cartography.
Spring Cottage Cafe
This clock celebrates the opening of Spring Cottage cafe. An amazing chart that has a grand trine in the earth signs and a kite.
Asteroids & Planets
Birth charts can include both planets & asteroids.
mother of pearl necklace.
mother of pearl necklace, 7 is the number of spiritual development. Wear with confidence. 8mm stars.
Kathryn Monks  at work.
Soldering together a stained glass sculpture
Moon in the 8th phase, compact mirror.
Mysterious and beautiful compact mirror.
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