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Standing Stones

Standing stones are a great concept of  something that is grounded, Saturnian and elegant in form. Crossing into the area of astrological elements and materials, these are natural sculptures that uses time as an element 


Standing stones are found in many ancient but evolved cultures, especially northern Europe. They were used specifically in relationship to correspond with Sun rising and astronomical events; whilst in the Far East the mix was stone and water sculpture combining two elements in the features.


All stones are sourced, cut and balanced by Kathryn and mounted on a highly polished granite, gallery standard, plinth.

A standing stone for your house.
Kathryn Monks at a standing stone on the beautiful East Lancs Moors holding a minature standing stone, future sculpture.

Here I am on the beautiful windswept East Lancs moors, with a small stone in my hand, selected to be made into an interior sculpture. Timeless beauty from the moors, to your home.

 In Communication. SOLD  £125
Standing Stone and Full Moon. .JPG
Standing Stone and Full Moon. £55 SOLD

Movement  £95. SOLD

Remembering Brodgar £60. SOLD

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