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Astrology of Rock Stars


Astro charts offer an extra dimension of esoteric knowledge for a deeper understanding  of ones life.  

Delve deeper into knowing these famous musicians and how they  tick seen  through the lens of astrology.  Uncover what is remarkable about their charts by reading what the deciphered  symbols  say. 

david bowies birth chart, david bowie memorabilia, david bowie


In David's chart, it is clear to see the Sun and Mars in Capricorn give the combined drive and determination to turn ambition into success. It is a drive deep in his subconsciousness . This is not initially apparent when overshadowed by the colourful theatre of Leo where is moon resides.  Saturn and the moon together indicate trouble with his mother. 

Aquarius on the Ascendant gives an unconventional outlook to opposing Leo. With considerable planetary energy in Leo (showman of the Zodiac), the sometimes strange Aquarius is given room to play out different personas. It is this connection with the moon and saturn that uniquely shape Bowie's work. 

Uranus in Gemini adds the element of unpredictable masculinity. 


david bowie birth chart. david bowie memorabilia. david bowie

         Kurt Cobain

20th Feb 1967, Pisces

kurt cobain birth chart, kurt cobain memorabilia,


Kurt's chart reveals that he has almost all of his planets in water signs, making him a highly emotional and sensitive man. It is unusual to have this concentration. His moon, in the in Cancer, is in the career house. This is an uncomfortable position for it to be in, vulnerability exposed to the world,  publically condradicted by Jupiter which just getters bigger and bigger.

Acutely sensitive and receptive to others, Pisces has four planets and Chiron opposite Pluto and Uranus. These are in the critical analytical sign of Virgo giving him a tendency for his feelings to ruminate on an unstable emotional quicksand. 

It would be hard for such an intense water sign such as Cobain to control emotions that were probably bigger than he was. Earth and Air elements in his chart would have counter-balanced overwhelming feelings and compulsions. The companions around him were also water signs doing nothing to level him out on his final step of self destruction.

              Jim Morrison,

8th December 1943. Sagittarius

jim morrisons birth chart, jim morrison memorabilia

Jim's chart has some striking features that show sudden and powerful change will occur in health and work situations. (Pluto on the North Node of Destiny in the 6th house.) Original and unconventional Aquarius is his rising sign, making him a trend setter rather than a follower (like Bowie). Mercury in the 11th house Capricorn ensures Jim's rise to the top of any group, while his fire Sun in the 10th house of career suggests he does it very well! Scorpio sits on the MC helping to create the smoldering sexual energy that made him a photograhic icon. Jupiter in Leo 7th house brings him huge appeal to others and Moon in Taurus gives him an indulgent love of sensory pleasures. Noteworthy to other Astrologers, his 5th harmonic or vibrational chart, chimes perfectly with keyboard player Ray Manzarek, giving the distinctive sound to 'The Doors' 


     Karen Carpenter,

2nd March 1950, Pisces

karen carpenter birth chart, karen carpenter memorabilia, karen carpenter, the carpenters.

Karen's chart is one 'big reveal' into the psychology and ultimate self destruction spearheaded by Cancer rising and Pluto conjunct with the Moon. As I myself have 'Cancer rising' I feel particulary concerned about this chart that really deserves more than a brief overview. 

The deep feelings that can be heard in Karen's effortless singing can take credit from her Cancerian nature but also too, her relationship with family, food, and the unconventionally difficult outer planet Uranus.  Sun is opposed by Saturn, this is massive in the chart and means that their is always some battle for control over Karens identity,  and destiny's north node strive for autonomy in Aries, was one that she didn't achieve. The very hurtful relationship dynamics with her husband, mother & brother, the people closest to her, drew her inward, into self harm, a Pisces MC, Sun and Cancerian combination. The fantastic musical gifts high up in Aquarius leave a requiem to a beautiful soul who died at 32.



             Syd Barrett.

6th January 1946. Capricorn


Syd Barrett was a founder member of Pink Floyd and was famous for his experimental lifestyle of drug indulgence, mental illness, being at the musical forefront of the 60's and finally, becoming a recluse.


His time of birth has been worked out using the traditional method of Profection. The Ascendant degree places the time of birth and casts the configuration of the whole chart. This has been worked out using biographical life events that place the planets in Astrological Houses.


He was the inspiration for some of Pink Floyd's most successful tracks,  and ultimately became a legend for gifted but flawed genius. 

There are many fascinating insights into this chart, if you want to know more, email me



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