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Speaking Engagements

Having the Part of Fortune on my Leo Sun, third house, it is in my astrology to be in the public domain, educating as a public speaker. 

I have an ever growing range of talks, all with beautiful  visual art work.

Check out the list below. 

On Zoom or I  am happy to travel. 

Standing stone.jpg


What is astrology?

This talk explores the history of astrology, where it comes from, how it works, and why it has survived through 5000 years of changing sociology. How can you use it?

1 Hr.    Educational. 


Famous People and their star signs.

Royal Stars of Persia.

Pathways, spirits, and stones. 

The nature of Time.  

The Liminal Zone. 

The Book of Enoch . 

This is a whirl wind through the Zodiac as we look at famous people and how their star signs are reflected in their personalities

40 mins Humorous. 

This is a fascinating talk focusing on Persian astrology and more broadly the fixed stars and how this this used in astrology. 

Also included are famous people with prominent Royal Stars and how this plays out in their their charts.

1 hr. Informative.

This talk takes us on a journey to explore standing stones, some of my amazing mystical experiences linking the other side of life to this one.

1 Hr. Enlightening. 

Time is a mysterious thing. Once we are free from the concept of sequential time, it opens a door to a whole new perspective of what time is, from time that moves in cycles, time that overlaps, and what did the great thinkers in history have to say about this subject. 

1 Hr. Enlightening. 

The liminal zone is a strange place that is on the threshold of worlds, boundaries are blurred, nothing is as it seems. Equinoxes, dusk and dawn, hypnogogic states, places that are in-between. will you view reality the same after listening to this talk?

1 Hr. Enlightening. 


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