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Bio of the Artist

Kathryn sets up a celestial exhibition at Blackburn's Museum & Art Gallery

An avid reader by nature, and the desire of wanting to 'know' has led me to inquire down many paths. Psychiatry & Mental Illness was one of these & I trained to become a psychiatric nurse where I stayed for 15 years. After that followed some wilderness years till I decided to follow my heart and did a degree in fine art. I had always wanted to paint but never thought I could.

Had I looked at my Chart I would have realised this a lot earlier. 


I had always been interested in the Tarot, wondered about Astrology, and fascinated that there could be an existence outside of reality as we know it, namely Spirituality. I have always had vivid dreams that gave me insights, from wandering very far in my mind whilst physically staying still.  Most practically of all, I saw images of designs and solutions to design dilemmas, so all I had to do, was do it.


Now, with re-directed purpose, my interest is in the map of one's life & the manifestation of it - the study of time & our place in the ebb & flow of the cosmos.  

Life feels much freer when we swim with the tide rather than against it.




This product has been born from my studies of time and space, love of ancient culture, and fasincination of fate and destiny.

Maps and cartography have had a strong artistic influence resulting in my own interpretation in sculptural form.  

The desire to learn more has meant the continued development of both myself and my craft, more often than not without instruction.  




constellation of Pisces

The constellation of Pisces where crystal represent stars are accurately set in obsidian black glass.