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Below is a series of tiles that make up a hallmark. It is my hallmark that shows the spiritual authenticity of the goods that you buy. 

To be reminded of our place in the cosmos, that the design of the universe is divine, and to have faith in the time and motion of the planets is to know that...

                                                'The Answers are Written in the Stars.'

1. The image is a balance wheel originating in Arabia. Each chamber is filled with Mercury (the original element of Astrology) so that the wheel turns in perpetual motion, like the oceans, planets and constellations, in a never ending repeat cycle, like time itself.  

2. The symbol is an element on the periodic table and one of the most common elements found on the Earth and throughout the universe. Silicon is the base element of  the sand under our feet  and the shine in the Milky Way as it reflects star light. It reminds us that we are made up of the same  materials, in one form or another. The only thing that separates us is distance.

3. No-one can really explain why one larva over another should be fated to become The Queen Bee. Destiny and that which is pre-ordained is the premise of esoteric knowledge. Some of us have a path to follow and knowing in  which direction this lies is the key to a successful life. At the small end of the telescope, bees are hard working producers and although they are well studied insects, they still retain their secrets. 

4. This image (designed by myself) represents a schemata of the subconscious. The circle represents the minds eye as it sees dreams that play out like films, tangential thoughts that float through the mind and bright sparks of inspiration. This is something I have learnt to use well, and it should be recognised as a tool equal to that of the conscious brain. The subconscious is a rich and fertile land of internal symbolism, problem solving and connections to others in the immaterial sense .   

5. My heritage, surname and consequently the brand name Monks Astrology has its roots in ancient Spain and a Monastic Order that lived there. I imagine monks studying subjects such as astrology/astromony, alchemy, literature, the search for divinity, and who knows? One can only guess at the vagaries, but the ancestry carries on in the convoluted lineage of myself, Kathryn Monks.

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