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Black Astrology Chart Clock                    £199


The clock on the left celebrates a wedding the other is a birthday gift. A beautiful gift to give and receive.    A full interpretation is given too, explaining what the chart tells.

I need the time, date, and place of of the event.   

Feel free to contact me without obligation. 

Charts can be made with or without out with a clock. 

Charts are drawn in Adobe Illustrator, laser engraved, polished, adorned with  crystals from Austria, glass framed, complete with a chart explanation, and gift boxed with care and dedication.  

Charts can be made for any occasion. Birthdays, weddings, christenings, celebration of business , corporate art,  new house moves.

Black Astrology Chart Clock                    £495

Charts are 36 cm x 36cm approximately. Frames are handmade. 

This is an exquisite clock, and a complete map of the night sky. As well as all the planets, the Royal stars of Persia mark the NSEW and significant outer asteroids enrich the story of you.  

astrology clock.jpg

Email me with this information and any questions you might have at

Business Chart celebrating Monks Astrology, what it says;

White Astro Chart  £495

Libra is rising in the chart, so Venus, the energy of beauty, rules and as it is Aquarius the things crafted at Monks Astrology combines beauty with intelligence. The moon in the 6th house shows peoples appreciation of my business. Aries with Uranus makes work unpredictable. The 'part of fortune' lies in public events and networking.  


This is a chart to celebrate a wedding anniversary of    35 years. Together, this couple shared travel, education, whilst having a very private intense relationship.  


Lovely chart for a Sagittarius lady. She carries forth a strong past life energy with her pisces moon.   


Astrology Chart  £350

A Polish film maker is owner of this chart. Strongly idealistic and has many planets in Pisces. She was born under a new moon and carries this young energy throughout life. 

Charts can also be made when the time of the event is unknown. This lady had an interpretation from the stars, to find out who she really is.

Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 21.43.14.png

A business mans chart.  The chart shows he is determined and hard working. He has gives attention to detail, and networking connections are to his advantage. He is a naturally caring person. 

Monks Astrology1_edited.jpg
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