Welcome to my astrologically themed jewellery .

I have researched each Zodiac sign  and the gemstones to find out which ones correspond to the energetic properties of each sign.

Each gem stone bracelet has three stones. 

Each one contains  a beautiful Swarovski crystal.  

All  gem stones  are genuine  and have not been dyed therefore each one is unique and may  vary in detail to the photograph

 £24.99 . Please state when ordering if you want a small medium or large fitting. 

Carnelian,  helps to keep the Aries energy strong and creative .

Red Jasper,  creates new the starts that Aries enjoys so much.

Garnet,  gives the staying power that is needed

Mother of Pearl stirs primordial memories to open  the mind, this allows psychic ability chance to operate .

Moonstone,  opens the channels for psychic communication. 

Green Jasper,  helps by calming the mind.

.Lapis Lazuli helps Librians to articulate thoughts and emotions.

White Opal, improves unstable flows of luck.

Turquoise, absorbs negative energies that may unbalance the wearer. 

Garnet, manifests ambition to actualise into earthly reality.  

Black Obsidian taps in earth energies to utilise accordingly .

Lapis Lazuli, known to be an ancient talisman for Capricorn.

Blue Lace Agate, gives mental  clarity to help think clearly.

Green Jade, wards against misfortune.

Pyrite, dissolves old patterns  of self censorship.

Malachite, balances one's energy field.

Fossil Jasper, awakens potential not formally recognised.

Celestite, linked to Mercury. Virgo wearer uses logic that is grounded  and intuitive.

Lapis Lazuli, lets the wearer uncover the truth of the issue.

Topaz, attracts love and success.

Turquoise, protects the wearer against negative thoughts emanating from other people. 

Amethyst, soothes the subconscious to promote good dreams.

Lapis Lazuli, strengthens psychic ability.

Rhodonite. Bridges the gap between the every day world and the spiritual realm.

Apple Jasper, regulates the body and has a soothing effect on the wearer. 

Rhodonide , restores a 

Taurean's lost dreams. 

Black Tourmaline, channels Earth energies , a shamanic stone. 

Amber, known for it's anti inflammatory properties. General promoter of all that is positive, luck, love, and energy.

Garnet. Positive energy boost.

Stripped Black Onyx, guards against anything that would take from Leo's sunny energy.

Aquamarine, evens out intense emotion anguish and inner turmoil.

Garnet. Energies emotion in a positive way.

Obsidian. absorbs negative energy. Can be used as a Talisman to see past the boundary of the physical world, as the stone has no internal structure.  

Amethyst, activates third eye intuition.

Turquoise, helps remove uneven vibrations in the wearers energy field.

Amber, attracts intelligent energy.

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